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Control Room


No expense has been spared in creating a control room which is able to adapt and compliment the creative requirements of the artist, producer and engineer.

The control room, with an SSL Duality at its heart, PMC MB2 XBDA monitoring supplied and professionally commissioned by a PMC engineer and PMC TB2s mk2 (5.1 surround) with carefully selected nearfields, Unity Audio the Rocks, audio converters from Apogee and outboard from Neve, API, Universal Audio Bricasti, Chandler, Empirical Labs, Manley, AnaMod and Tube Tech, offer some of the greatest sonic performances available, when combined with the wide array of acoustic spaces on offer, the results are nothing short of stunning!

Oxfordshire Recording Studio,

Live Room


The studio benefits from a double height live room, which accommodates the Yamaha G2 baby grand piano the Hammond A100 organ and Leslie speaker cabinet.
There are two overdub booths leading off the live room, one of which is acoustically very dead. The second booth is large enough to comfortably accommodate a miked drum kit, for a tighter sound compared to the main live room.
The booth also benefits from sliding glass doors allowing good line of sight when tracking.

Oxfordshire Recording Studio,

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